Bridge Critical Legal Gaps

“Bellatrix bridges critical legal gaps to foster stakeholder confidence, incite creative liberties, and allow business leaders to courageously operate, which is essential for success in this new era of commerce.” Suzanne Leonard, Founder and CEO legends-logo-centered

Stress Disappears

“Alicia Dearn is tough, yet personable and great to work with. I hired her to prevent an incident with a contractor from escalating to court. Alicia handled it, and we never heard from this contractor again. I would highly recommend having Alicia on your side. Any stress around corporate legal issues will disappear.” Tara Brouwer, CEO Shovel Creative grey background

Responsive. Attentive. Above and Beyond.

“Alicia went above and beyond the call of duty. I found her to be very attentive to my needs. She was extremely responsive and that was unexpected. I really appreciated working with Alicia.”  Janet Patterson — CEO of Patterson Care Services, Inc.

Crisis Management

“Ms. Dearn defended Governor Gary Johnson’s place on several state ballots during the 2012 Presidential Election. We got the first lawsuit in Iowa on a Friday night. She was in Des Moines defending us the next Monday morning. In multiple hotly contested challenges, Alicia won time and again.” — Ron Nielson, Senior Adviser and Strategist to Governor Gary Johnson RT Nielson Logo

Our attorneys provide commercial legal services for entrepreneurs and business owners in San Diego, Riverside and St. Louis.

We believe in the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. We believe that personal ethics inform business and legal ethics. We seek to do the right thing, always, hand-in-hand with our clients.

We like our clients because we hand-pick them. A strong attorney-client relationship based on mutual trust, respect and shared goals is what makes our representation winning. Our clients can expect:

  • Clear communication – A relationship with an attorney is only valuable if you can speak freely and openly about your business goals and concerns. Further, we understand just how frustrating it can be when your advisors are unresponsive to calls or emails. We promise good client service and timely communication.
  • Value for your legal dollar – We hate billable hours. And you should, too. Billable hours focus legal practices on work instead of results. At Bellatrix PC, we focus on the value we provide to our clients and price accordingly. We have flat fee packages and monthly subscriptions to meet your needs.
  • A steady, seasoned legal guide – In an uncertain business world, Bellatrix PC is your company’s guiding star. We can provide your business with deep, practical and experienced legal advice and guidance. With our legal advice, you will have the confidence to implement your plans, whatever they may be.

The attorneys and legal team of Bellatrix PC are committed to providing professional service and legal solutions to businesses in California & Missouri.

Bellatrix PC attorneys are dedicated to providing high-quality legal services to entrepreneurs, businesses, individuals and corporations.

At Bellatrix PC, our mission and goal is to be your business’s Peace of Mind Advocates. We recognize the immense value that entrepreneurs and businesses provide to society. Therefore we have structured our practice at Bellatrix PC to be responsive to both the needs of business owners and the constraints they face. Our legal services include:

  • Practical day-to-day business advice – Today’s legal and regulatory environment often requires a deep understanding of how dozens of laws fit together as well as an organized system for keeping up with deadlines for legal compliance filings. Transactions with customers, suppliers, vendors and contractors require thoroughly-considered contracts and policies. Similarly, consumer-facing businesses must ensure that their sales practices do not violate state or federal consumer protection laws. Finally, employment practices are highly regulated from pay to recordkeeping to human interractions and constitute twenty percent of all civil litigation. Bellatrix PC can guide your business through all of its daily legal challenges.
  • Strategic long-term business planning – For a business to be successful, short-term concerns must be balanced with long-term business planning considerations. We can review and advise regarding organizational structure, a potential M&A, asset or stock sales, bankruptcy purchases, executive compensation, recapitalizations, reorganizations, joint ventures and many other aspects of a business plan.
  • Handle commercial litigation & employment disputes – We are also positioned to advocate for your company or organization when negotiation fails and litigation appears to be the option most likely to produce a favorable outcome. We can handle employment disputes and a broad array of commercial litigation matters.

From our two California offices in San Diego and Riverside, and our St. Louis, Missouri law office, the attorneys of Bellatrix PC can provide thoroughly-considered answers to your commercial legal concerns or business planning needs. Our team can bring a wealth of legal experience and insights to your business.

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