Disgruntled workforce means problems

If you have a morale problem with your workforce, you better do something about it… fast. When you have a disgruntled worker, it always leads to problems. As a business owner, here are the problems I see when a person turns bad apple: They “poison the... read more

California Prepares Its Workforce for Zombie Apocalypse

The California Legislature must watch too much of The Walking Dead. They are really worried about disease. In the first part of July 2015, they passed two bills aimed at controlling Californians’ health. There was a bill limiting parents’ ability to... read more

What is the Status on Firing Employees for Medical Marijuana Use?

The Current State of Medical Marijuana Use As of December 2014, states where medical marijuana is legal no longer have to worry about federal drug agents raiding retail operations. Hidden within a 1000+ page spending measure, Congress essentially approved lifting the... read more

5 Must-Read Business Books That Might Change Your Life

I have a college degree in English Literature. So you would think that I read a lot of novels. You’d be wrong. Since I graduated, I have only read business books and law books. It’s not that I’m boring. (Although I may be that.) Rather, I’m... read more

What do you need to know about Equal Pay laws?

With the current surge of women’s rights issues in the news, equal pay laws have been receiving a lot of attention. As an employer, you should be aware of both state and federal laws governing this area. For example, California Labor Code 1197.5 prohibits the... read more

Medical Leave and Disability Laws Still a Source of Confusion

Through our blog, we always want to keep you up to date on new laws and/or cases that will affect the way you do business.  Today’s post is on an old topic that still creates huge liability problems for employers every day. If I were to make a Greatest Hits List... read more

Background checks and skill tests for new hires

I have had my fair share of bad hires over the years; let me tell you. It has cost my law firm well into the six figures in wasted payrolls, management problems, lost opportunities, correction of problems, etc.  I do not spend a lot of time dwelling on it because I do... read more
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