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Is It Legal For Me to Find Investors For A Friend's Business?

Maybe you have a rich friend who is looking to invest in something interesting or...

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Failing to Police Your Trademark Online: A Cautionary Tale

Trademark holders have to police their trademarks to keep them. In mid-2015, the Academy of...

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Do I Have To Accommodate An Employee Who Uses Medical Marijuana?

Marijuana is well on its way to being legalized in the United States. I’m going...

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Can I Require My Employees To Be Nonsmokers?

When I first started practicing law, I was asked by a fitness-conscious employer whether he...

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Overnight Guest or Unwanted Tenant: Invited Guests Who Overstay Their Welcome Can Become Your Costly Legal Problem

House Guests are Like Fish A few weeks ago, a friend of mine offered to...

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If My Employee Criticized My Business On Social Media, Can I Fire Her?

It’s a common reaction. An employee bad-mouths you and your business on Facebook. So you...

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Do Employers Have to Accommodate Employees Who Object to Serving Gay Customers Based on Religious Beliefs?

Are Christian Religious Beliefs and Practices Dead At Employment? So I have a heavy topic...

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I’m Going Into Business With My Best Friend. Do We Really Need a Partnership Agreement?

I had a law partner for 3 months. She and I were not friends before...

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Are Unregistered Domains A Violation of Trademarks?

This could be the end of GoDaddy. Five years ago, the Academy of Motion Picture...

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Is It Wrongful Termination If I Fire The Accused Employee?

Human beings are hard-wired to believe in fairness and justice. Psychological studies show that all...

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