Do You Have To Pay Your Employee's Cell Phone Bill?

I recently opened up a new mobile phone account for my business. The wireless company...

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Grandfathering Under the ADA Is Not A Thing

For all of you businesses in cool brick lofts, I’ve got some bad news for...

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Am I Liable If My Employee Gets Into A Car Accident Driving Home From Work?

I recently had a very annoying experience. I was sued. I own a business, so...

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Can I Use A Public Domain Picture Of A Celebrity On My Website?

A lot of people on the internet are starting to become familiar with copyright laws....

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I've Filed an LLC. I'm Personally Protected from Lawsuits, Right?

How useful is a condom that is never taken out of its box and wrapper?...

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Can I Incorporate In Nevada To Avoid California Taxes?

Taxes take a big bite out of profits for small business owners. True story: I...

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I Told My Employees That I'm Giving Them Stock Options. Is That Legal?

Many good and generous employers want to share with their employees. The idea behind giving...

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Is It Legal For Me to Find Investors For A Friend's Business?

Maybe you have a rich friend who is looking to invest in something interesting or...

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Failing to Police Your Trademark Online: A Cautionary Tale

Trademark holders have to police their trademarks to keep them. In mid-2015, the Academy of...

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Do I Have To Accommodate An Employee Who Uses Medical Marijuana?

Marijuana is well on its way to being legalized in the United States. I’m going...

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