Does It Matter If I Have An Employee Handbook?

It shouldn’t surprise you that an employment lawyer will advise you to have an employee handbook. But it may surprise you is that I would rather you have no handbook than one you write yourself. Why would I say that? Well, a handbook is an important legal... read more

Why Do 80% of Businesses Fail In Their First Year?

Eric is really angry. Less than a year ago, he started a business with four guys he knew from friends of friends. They shared the dream of opening a sports bar dedicated to soccer that would serve international beer and bar food. They found the perfect spot and signed... read more

Giving Gifts to Clients

I know what you are thinking. This lawyer is going to tell us that we can’t give gifts to clients because lawyers destroy everything fun and good in life. Actually, giving gifts is completely acceptable in most circumstances. And its a great way to build... read more
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