Launch Basic
Personalized Incorporation Advice
Incorporation (including state fees)
Register Agent for Service of Process (including fees)
File Annual Information Statement (including fees)
Apply for EIN
File S-Corp Election
Register to Do Business in Foreign Jurisdictions (including state fees)
Anniversary Reminder for Annual Statements
Quarterly and Annual Reminders for Tax Filings
Corporate Books and Seals
Owner Agreements and Bylaws
Officer Elections and Delegate Powers in Bylaws
Opening Shareholder and Board of Director Minutes
Anniversary Reminder for Annual Minutes
Advice Memo on Best Practices for Recordkeeping
Advice Memo on Best Practices to Avoid Personal Liability
Advice Memo on Best Practices for Board Members or Partners
Legally Transfer Titles of Assets to Business
Start an Inventory of Business Assets from Initial Capitalization
Register Fictitious Business Name (including fees)
Checklist for DIY Registrations of Local Tax Registrations and Licenses
Website Terms of Services
Website Privacy Policy
Copyright Claims Policy
Advice Memo on CAN-SPAM Best Practices
Launch Pro
Assist in Opening Business Bank Accounts with Officer Permissions
Assist in Opening Merchant Accounts
Assist in Opening Accounting Books
Assist in Payroll Set Up for Owners
Apply for Special, Professional or Liquor Licenses (limit 1, fees included)
If Woman-Owned or Minority-Owned Business, File for Certification (fees included)
If Regulated Industry, Register Business with Governing Body (limit 1, fees included)
If Non-Profit, Register with Attorney General (limit 1, fees included)
Assist in Insurance Purchasing
Trademark Registration (limit 1, fees included)
Draft/Review Agreements (Broker, Equipment, Distribution, Licensing, Affiliate, Contractor, Joint Venture or Vendor Agreements) (limit 3)