Business Law

Your business needs a lawyer. Lawyers help with your contracts, investors, vendors, customers, partners, and keep your corporation strong and organized. We’re well-rounded enough to be your general counsel, to keep you compliant, and to get your deals done.

Employment Law

The average employer spends $20,000 per year per employee to comply with regulations. That does not include the costs of employee lawsuits, which make up one fifth of all lawsuits. We can help you bring that number down.

Lawsuits & Appeals

All businesses have to deal with lawsuits. Perhaps you need to defend yourself or you need to sue someone who has wronged you. Whatever the problem, we have experienced trial lawyers available to win for you.

Intellectual Property

Don’t let someone steal your ideas. Protect your brand. Register your trademarks and copyrights. Shield your trade secrets with contracts. We can help you guard and enforce your intellectual property rights.

Real Estate Law

Commercial leases, construction contracts, and property acquisitions require a lawyer. We can help you close deals and protect your property. We can help you comply with ordinances and zoning. We help with disputes with your neighbors.

Election Law

Avoid audits, lawsuits, fines, and prosecutions, so you can make change. We help third party and independent candidates, PACs, lobbyists, political parties, foundations, and committees with campaign finance laws and ballot access.

You have a legal problem.

It’s weighing on your mind.

We know this because you are going through the trouble of visiting legal websites and looking for solutions.

Perhaps you have been to other law firms’ websites before ours. They are very impressive with their lists of awards and accolades. (We have those too.) They spend a lot of time talking about what they do and how great they are.

But you still do not have the answers you need, so you continued your search and ended up here.

You’ve come to the right place.

Now that you are here, let’s talk about you.

You are a business, or a decision-maker in a business, or thinking about starting a business.

We think that businesses and entrepreneurs like you are special. We think that businesses and entrepreneurs like you are brave.

You are brave because you are fighting all the odds and facing relentless challenges to create something. You create wealth, freedom, needed goods and services, and jobs.

You deliver far more good to everyone around you than any politician!

So you are here because you are looking to grow, thrive and protect your business.

But the law has tripped you up. Some legal problem is in your way.

The law is a jungle swamp filled with dangerous surprises, unexpected challenges, and irritating discomforts.

You have the best intentions. You want to be legally compliant with the thousands of regulations out there. You want to be free of lawsuits and to work on your business in peace.

You want to create! But instead, you spend your days filling out paperwork. You spend your days struggling with problems.

Somehow you ended up with a hot mess. Perhaps you are not even sure how you got here.

Dealing with the law is like being in a jungle swamp. From paperwork that constantly bugs and stings you, to surprising regulations that bog you down, to terrifying predators like the IRS, deadly challenges are everywhere.

There are other people in the jungle who are dangerous too — litigants, intellectual property pirates, or people whom simply don’t keep their promises (like customers who breach their contracts or employees who cause you problems). These parasites rob you of your business success.

While you are trying to keep a vigilant eye on all these things, you feel a deep sense of unhappiness. It has to be easier than this! You need to get out of the jungle swamp and find the peaceful lands beyond it.

So you grit your teeth and begin the important work of dealing with legal problems. You try to make your way out of the jungle. But you are not familiar with the route! You are not familiar with how to avoid the beasts, or the bugs, or the mud. There’s a significant risk that you’ll get lost or mired. Stuck! Or worse, there’s a chance you won’t make it out at all.

Like it or not, few businesses can get through the legal jungle without help. And worse, the jungle is growing. There are more and more laws every day. There are more traps. There are more lawsuits. There are more expenses gnawing away at your profits.

The legal jungle is unavoidable, though. The day you thought about joining the business world, you were already in it. You can’t avoid it. You must get through it.

And you can! You just need some grit, determination and wisdom… and a guide.

Bellatrix PC is your guide.

In fact, that is where we get our name. Bellatrix is a guiding star in Orion used for celestial navigation.

We can guide you to the promised land.

Imagine what it will be like when you have air-tight contracts, reduced vendor and employee headaches, your compliance paperwork runs smoothly and on time, and lawsuits are few and far between.

Imagine turning over your problems to a team of capable professionals who can deal with them while you go make money… or take a vacation, you worry-free CEO, you.

Imagine how much money, time, and stress a crack legal team will save you.

We have wiped away the stress and solved problems for hundreds of people just like you. We have helped hundreds of businesses navigate through the swamp to greener grasses. No matter how badly stuck they were, once they called us, we could see them through.

You can’t get to the promised land without going through the jungle swamp. It’s impossible. But you can get there, faster, and with less stress, with a good guide.

With some hard work and trust, you can get to the place where the law is no longer holding you back.

“Bellatrix bridges critical legal gaps to foster stakeholder confidence. . . .”

Suzanne Leonard

Founder and CEO, Legends & Legacy

“I highly recommend having Alicia on your side. Any stress around corporate legal issues will disappear.”

Tara Brouwer

CEO, Shovel Creative

“It’s because of you that we’re able to respond to Hurricane Harvey and Irma with tens of thousands of bars of soap.”

David Simnick

CEO, Soapbox Soaps

Q: What can I expect?

Practical Business Advice: the legal and regulatory environment requires a deep understanding of how hundreds of laws fit together and how they fit with the way business is actually done. Our lawyers have business backgrounds, so we are not just here to tell you, “no.”

We’re Organized, So You Don’t Have to Be: we have built robust systems to keep up with deadlines for legal compliance filings. We’ll remind you. And when you are on one of our programs, such as our Peace of Mind Plan or Employer Protection Package, we will handle it for you.

Strategic Long Term Business Planning: We meet with most of our clients at least twice per year to discuss business goals. We are on top of legal issues so that they do not slow you down. Most lawyers will help you with problems you find and bring to them. We like to be proactive.

Experienced Trial Lawyers: We handle even the most complex commercial litigation and employment law disputes. We have an extraordinary success rate when it comes to lawsuits. As your business attorneys, we are well-positioned to advocate for your company whenever necessary. We are both practical and aggressive, crafting a sophisticated strategy based upon your goals and unique situation.

Q: What can you help me with?

If you have a legal problem, then call us. We will either be able to give you a plan to resolve it, or we will probably know the person who can.

Q: Why should I hire you instead of another firm?

You should interview us before deciding. There are several things to consider. And we will interview you too. We don’t accept everyone as clients. You have to be the right fit for us.

Q: You sound great. Are you expensive?

It depends on what you mean by expensive.

We are a premium firm, so you will find many lawyers who are “cheaper.”

But the term, “buy cheap, buy twice,” does not just apply to tools and appliances. Lawyers can have a major impact on your business and its bottom line, with legal issues (and how they are handled) carrying serious consequences.

So when the choice is between a $150 per hour lawyer who costs you $100,000 versus a $400 per hour lawyer who saves you $100,000, the “more expensive” lawyer actually isn’t.

When we price, we focus on value for your legal dollar. When you spend money, it should be to invest in your business.

Bellatrix PC’s services are an investment meant to save you money by preventing losses or creating opportunities and streamlining expenses.

We also hate billable hours. And you should, too. Billable hours focus lawyers on quantity of work instead of results.

At Bellatrix PC, we focus on the value we provide to our clients and price accordingly. We have flat fee packages and monthly subscriptions to meet your needs.

Q: I would like my legal problem resolved by next week. Can you do that?

Maybe. It depends on your legal problem. But most of the time, legal problems take time… a lot of time. Some problems take years to resolve. That’s all the more reason to hire a good lawyer. Do you really want to be thinking about your legal problem constantly for the next several years? Outsource your worrying to us an get back to living.

Frustrated by legal problems?

We’re here to help.