mysterious light behind wood doorYou’re lying in bed with the covers pulled all the way up to your chin.  You peer out over the side of your bed and you’re looking for the monster hiding below.  You can’t see him but you know he’s there.

The threat of this monster jumping out and biting you is keeping you awake.

Unlike when you were a kid, the monster is not imaginary.

Maybe he is an employee who has done something unsavory.

Maybe he is a client refusing to pay his bill.

Maybe he is one of your vendors who violated his contract and shared one of your trade secrets with the competition.

Any of these scenarios can be the monster hiding under your bed.

You cannot predict when and where these “monster” issues will pop up but you can take some steps to minimize the damage when they do.

In all three of these scenarios, and in dozens of others, a good contract will make it easier for you to recover any damages you incur.  In fact, a good business contract can stop some of these things from happening in the first place.

Think about the people you depend upon in your business.  Now think about your agreements with them.   Good contracts keep honest people honest.  They prevent good people from cutting corners.

Contracts are rarely neutral.  They almost always favor one side or the other and everything is negotiable.

How the contract is written will determine the size of the monster.

A contract written in your favor will make the monster much smaller and more manageable.  A contract written in favor of the other side can be a huge monster waiting to devour your entire business.

Either way, the monster is there and he is real.

My team and I have experience shrinking these monsters down to a manageable size.

One of the tools we use is our Business Risk Review designed to get the monsters to reveal themselves.

For a reasonable fixed investment, we will review your critical contracts and make recommendations of changes.  These changes will reduce the amount of risk you face.  If you’d like our help renegotiating these contracts, we can do that too.

There are three things you need to keep in mind when it comes to your business contracts:

1). There are more of them in your business than you are aware of.

2). All of them pose risk to your business and some to you personally.

3).  If you signed them without having your lawyer review them, you may have waived some important rights.

Give me a call today and invite my team into your business to conduct a Business Risk Review.  This is a comprehensive process designed to expose all the monsters – so you know where they live.

The investment in this process is small (when compared to the risk) and it can easily be recouped through the avoidance of one new lawsuit.

Call now to schedule your appointment: 800-449-8992.

This call will not only get rid of the monster under your bed, it will also help you sleep soundly. Contact our business law and real estate attorneys for help with your case today.

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