Money and litigation are weapons used to control election results by the powerful. Third (or minor) party committees, their candidates, and independents are at a significant disadvantage compared to Republicans and Democrats.

I think there are two major reasons for this: (1) lack of resources; (2) barriers to entry created by the powers that be. Sadly, it’s a vicious trap. The laws that were made to create barriers to non Republicans/Democrats rob their third party challengers of resources. And they require resources to overcome.

There is nothing I can do to help third parties overcome lack of money, which is unfortunately a major problem. I can fight the unfair laws to some degree, but those battles require money and are frequently long shots.

But I can create a resource for you. That’s why I wrote a book — coming out July 22, 2015 — just in time for everyone to start gearing up for the 2016 election season. Just Pursuits: How to Run for Office Without Getting Sued, Prosecuted, Audited, Fined, Or Taken Off the Ballot

Just Pursuits book cover

Just Pursuits outlines important legal and practical issues that every third party or independent committee and candidate should consider. Content includes explanations, advice and resources regarding:

  • corporate organization and compliance
  • fundraising an solicitation rules
  • FEC reporting regulations
  • accounting issues
  • regulations governing the interactions between PACs, SuperPACs, parties and candidate committees
  • tax and non-profit issues
  • ballot access
  • regulations on sign placement, cold calls, cold solicitations, election day campaigning, media access
  • debate exclusions

The “major” party candidates have big law firms on retainer. Election law lawyers have all sworn their allegiance to one or the other major parties and do not stray. And so third parties and independents are vulnerable to audits, shut-outs, penalties/fines and lawsuits just because they don’t have the rulebook.

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