Show Up And ParticipateOne of the hardest things about my job is getting clients to understand lawsuits. No one wants to pay for lawyers and lawsuits. Lawsuits are destructive, not creative. They take forever. Everyone is angry.

They cost a lot (A LOT) of money.

Lawsuits are designed to be painful. They are designed to encourage everyone to work things out without having to go to court.

And when you do go to court, expect to feel like a whipped mule for months (maybe even years).

I fully appreciate how much lawsuits suck. I live with them every day as a lawyer. I am an empathetic person and I feel my clients’ pains and frustrations. Sometimes I get the brunt of those frustrations, which is also stressful for me.

As a business owner, I have been sued several times. Each of those lawsuits were completely frivolous. I have never paid a dime out to anyone who has sued me; but, you know, it takes time, a lot of effort and tolerance to get to that point.

Every client I have ever had wants to know how to get out of a frivolous lawsuit quickly. It is rare that you can do so.

Here’s my 60-second explanation why.


Video Transcript:

I’ve been sued, but the case is frivolous. What is the fastest way to get rid of it?

What if you’ve been sued, but the case if frivolous? You want to know how to just get out of it, RIGHT NOW! Well, to be quite blunt, only a few can be disposed of quickly, even when they are frivolous. Why is it that? Because of due process. The plaintiff is allowed an opportunity to get evidence from you and others, and to bring their case to a judge or jury. So even if you know that the plaintiff is lying or mistaken, the judge cannot just take your word for it! That is not fair to the others involved in the lawsuit. What if you are wrong? So once a lawsuit is filed, you are required to show up and participate through trial, or else face a default judgment or contempt of court. Frequently, the whole process takes a year or more and requires a lot of work. Have you been sued? Visit us at to request our ebook Help! I’ve Been Sued! or to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.

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