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Million Dollar Charity Initiative

SAN DIEGO, CA. Savii Group is looking for 10 CEOs who want to save a million dollars and share those savings with local charities in its “PinPoint, Find It. Share It” program. PinPoint marries expense management and conscious capitalism to find money leaks in businesses, so that the money can be re-purposed to employee benefits and charitable donations – at no cost to the business.

Gina Manis-Anderson, the CEO of Savii Group, discusses the details of PinPoint and a new promotion for the program, “Powered by Purpose” on The Andrea Kaye Show, which airs Mondays at 8 PM on KCBQ AM 1170. Her interview will be part of contributor Alicia I. Dearn’s Bellatrix Business Block segment on September 7, 2015.

Manis-Anderson co-developed the PinPoint, Find It, Share It Program as a way for businesses to painlessly improve the bottom line, while also helping their communities, increasing employee engagement, and improving the overall perception of their brand. The Find It aspect of the program recaptures up to 30% of their revenue through smarter spending by bringing decades of supply chain expertise and vendor contract negotiations to the table.

As for the “Share It” aspect of the Pinpoint program, Manis-Anderson argues that Conscious Capitalism – using business for social good as an equal priority to profits – is smart business and she is so convinced about the merits for growing the bottom line that her company pledges a match donation of up to $10,000.

“Staying competitive in today’s socially conscious climate means more than having good products and being profitable. Not only are consumers more likely to buy from brands that share their social values, they are willing to spend more on their products, are nearly twice as loyal and employees are more than 50% more engaged and nearly 20% more productive,” Manis-Anderson says.

Now, as a means of promoting this unique program and offering risk free incentives to business leaders who meet pre-defined criteria, Savii Group has created “Powered by Purpose”; a rare offering to 10 CEOs who want to save money and improve their company’s brand. “Powered by Purpose” boasts a goal of achieving $1 Million savings on behalf of selected CEO’s with a percentage of found money being pledged to charity. Details will be announced exclusively on The Andrea Kaye Show with contributor Alicia I. Dearn.

Alicia I. Dearn is the CEO of Bellatrix PC, a woman-owned law firm with offices in Southern California and Missouri. Dearn’s weekly Bellatrix Business segment focuses on challenges to private small businesses as the job-creation engines of the U.S. economy. Dearn practices in the areas of business and employment law, is a civil trial lawyer, and is the Executive Chair of the San Diego County Libertarian Party and Immediate Past President of the Saint Louis Chapter of the National Association of Professional Women. If you would like more information, please contact Bellatrix PC using the below form.


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