Designed To Help Underserved Women Get Their Professional Confidence

SAN DIEGO, CA. Leilani Angel worked her way up from hair and make-up consultant, to 2014 Advisor of the Year to San Diego Fashion Week’s official Model Runway Trainer in just four short years. But her biggest passion is her pop up model development workshops that she offers several times a year at diverse locations.

Angel’s consultancy, Style Sorbet, intentionally prices its five-week long modeling courses low and holds them in non-traditional venues, like National City.

“No one should be prevented from following their dreams because they cannot afford classes or because they do not have transportation,” says Angel. She explains that the skills she teaches are not just for aspiring models, but also for women who want to succeed in any area they choose. “No matter what your interest may be, it’s all about rocking who you are to the best of your ability!” she says.

Angel has plenty of examples. She tells stories about women in all aspects of the fashion industry working together to grow their businesses and create jobs. She tells of a woman whose children are grown who wants to learn modeling skills so that she’s more comfortable in the boardroom. She tells of the girls who come because they are being raised by their fathers and don’t have women to teach them how to get through adolescence with confidence and grace.

With the “War on Women” being a common discussion in the political arena, Angel’s voice of empowerment is refreshing. “[Women in] the fashion, beauty and modeling industries have the ability to have a positive global impact on society,” she argues. Angel also coaches men, but says that her students are nearly all women.

Style Sorbet’s next “Model Development Workshop” starts on October 10, 2015. Details will be discussed during the Bellatrix Business segment on The Andrea Kaye Show on September 28, 2015 at 9:15 p.m. Leilani Angel has over 20-years’ experience in the fashion and modeling industries. Her business, Style Sorbet, is a boutique agency serving fashion and modeling industries in event production, promotional strategies and image consulting. Style Sorbet offers modeling workshops designed to educate and coach models while enhancing their confidence and personal development skills.


Alicia I. Dearn is the CEO of Bellatrix PC, a woman-owned law firm with offices in Southern California and Missouri. Dearn’s weekly Bellatrix Business segment focuses on challenges to private small businesses as the job-creation engines of the U.S. economy. Dearn practices in the areas of business and employment law, is a civil trial lawyer, and is the Executive Chair of the San Diego County Libertarian Party and Immediate Past President of the Saint Louis Chapter of the National Association of Professional Women. If you would like more information, please contact Bellatrix PC using the below form.


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