tornadoOn any given day you barely have time to use the bathroom. Now I’m going to ask you to think about doing some things that will not directly result in money in your pocket.


Because these things will help you make more money (or enjoy the money you do make).

Go through this list right now and see if there are a couple of things you’ve been putting off.

Annual Physical

There aren’t enough hours in the day to get all the work done so there is never a good time to go to the doctor.  Think about it. When was the last time you went to the doctor just for a check-up?

Your annual physical is going to involve investing time to get blood work done. Then you will need to drive to the doctor’s office and wait to be seen.  After that you will spend about 30 minutes in the examination room. Finally you’ll have to travel back to work.

All of this time away from work probably amounts to 4 or 5 hours, just to find out you’re perfectly healthy…you hope.

And that’s the reason you need to go every year.

Eventually, there will be something that needs observation, investigation or treatment.  It’s better to catch it early.

Dental Visits

Many people do not place a priority on their oral health.  I can list the reasons a visit to the dentist every six months is important but you only need two.

First: A clean white smile is one of the first things people notice when they meet you for the first time.

Second:  Your mouth probably smells like a swamp.  Entrepreneurs eat on the run and they don’t have time to floss as well as they should.  Investing 45 minutes every 3-6 months will not only keep your mouth healthy, it can keep you from turning people off with bacteria-laden breath.

Disaster Preparedness

No matter where you live, you need to be prepared to stay in your home for a couple of days.  Snow storms, hurricanes, wild fires, and heat waves can leave you and your family without power for a couple of days (or more).

You should have enough supplies in your home to enable you to last a couple of days without power.  This includes:

  • Flashlights
  • Batteries
  • A portable radio
  • Back-up mobile phone battery
  • Ready-to-eat food (like canned tuna).
  • Important telephone numbers written down (incase your cell phone and computer batteries die).
  • Bottled water

There are other things you need to have on hand depending upon where you live.  Take a few minutes and assemble these items now and check them once each year.


If you’re like me, it is easy to get caught up in work because you love what you do. Sometimes this is not good for your mental health.  Every so often, at least once each year, you should take a couple of days off.

Take some time to completely unplug, rest and relax.  Your business will survive and you will return ready and raring to go.   The break will allow your mind to “reset.” It will also give you an opportunity to reconnect with your family.

Not taking a vacation will increase your stress level and it will contribute to mental and physical fatigue.  These things hurt your business and personal productivity.

The Community

Every time you give back to the community you enhance your wealth attractiveness.  You’re probably wondering what this means and whether I have a secret woo side (I don’t).

I cannot explain how this works, it just does.

For example:  If you set up an automatic tithing of 10% of your annual income to a charity, your income will grow to make up for the original dollar amount and then some.

If you invest your time working with a charitable organization, you will likely position yourself to meet someone who will help your business grow.

This is just the universe’s way of taking care of people who consistently give back. Or maybe it’s a subconscious motivator to take opportunities and making more money.

If you don’t give back, the place where you live or work may not be as successful as it could be.  Since a rising tide lifts all boats, a strong community will benefit your business in many, many ways.

That’s why all employees at Bellatrix PC have charities that they pick to support as part of their job. We support several causes built-in to our business model. To learn more, click here.

Personal Growth

Where will your business be three years from now?  How will it get there?  You may be the perfect leader for your business right now, but if you don’t focus on your own growth, you will not be the person to lead your business in the future.

Life moves fast and business moves even faster.  Join a mastermind group of entrepreneurs who stay on the cutting edge.  They will help you with ideas and encouragement but more importantly, they will keep you growing.

These seven things are probably low on your list of priorities but they shouldn’t be.  Use this article as a check list and make sure you cross them off each year.  Doing this may not seem like a good use of your time but, in the long run, each of these activities will contribute to your success. For questions about a possible case having to do with your business or even real estate, contact our attorneys today.

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