Stock-photo-compassBellatrix Is A Symbolic Name for a Uniquely Modern Law Firm

What does “Bellatrix” mean?

Bellatrix is the third brightest star in the constellation Orion, marking the hunter’s left shoulder. At 20 million years old and 8.4 times the Sun’s mass, this giant blue-white star is stable and grand. As the 27th brightest star in the entire night sky, Bellatrix is used by astronomers as the standard for luminary measure.

You can see the constellation Orion in our logo. Bellatrix is the yellow glowing star in the center green circle. To the right in the blue circle is Orion’s (a hunter) bow.  Below Bellatrix are three stars in a row, making up Orion’s belt. And the right shoulder in the center green circle, opposite Bellatrix, is the star Betelgeuse.

We chose the name Bellatrix because it embodies our core qualities as a law firm: bright, steady, guiding, wise, bold and fierce. And, when necessary, we are warriors.

A Woman-Owned Business

Before it became the name of a guiding star, the word Bellatrix was Latin for “Female Warrior.” It derives from the Latin word for war: bellum. (The Latin word for male warrior is Bellator.) Bellatrix PC is a 100% Woman-Owned Business Enterprise. The firm’s founder, Alicia I. Dearn, is an experienced legal warrior in and out of court, which is why she knows the occasional Latin word.

Our Mission Statement:Legal problems are life problems. We exist to ease the pain of others.

Our Core Values

  1. Prevention: It is one of our primary goals to provide sophisticated and proactive legal care to small businesses. Small businesses fail to use lawyers because lawyers are too expensive. But planning and compliance errors create avoidable liabilities. We innovate to serve this market.
  2. Compassion: The legal system is not always just. Legal problems usually represent times of pain, anxiety, and emotional turmoil for those involved. We navigate our clients through tough times with kindness and empathy.
  3. Technology: We use technology to create efficiencies and improve the delivery of services. Bellatrix employees love technology and use it to innovate every type of legal service possible.
  4. Bold: We are bold. No matter the situation, we are advocating for you with courage. There are no shrinking violets here.
  5. Details: We are just short of obsessive over details, because that is where the devil lives.
  6. Pragmatic: What matters is getting to the best solution possible for our clients. We do not live in a world of theory. The life of the law is in experience.
  7. No BS: We are radical truthtellers. We don’t BS our clients or the court.

How We Began

Every great business starts with an entrepreneur’s dream and a whole lot of work. Bellatrix PC is no different.

In 2007, Alicia I. Dearn was an associate working long hours for big law firms. While she made a lot of money, she was not directly working with clients and impacting anyone’s lives in a meaningful way. She wanted more freedom and more time to enjoy her loved ones and experience the world. She also wanted to create extraordinary value and justice for the hardworking people and businesses with whom she identified.

That Christmas, The Four Hour Workweek was in book stores and caught Ms. Dearn’s eye. She devoured the book in two days. Before this book, Ms. Dearn never thought about becoming an entrepreneur. Suddenly, it seemed possible that she could do the job she loved, make an impact on people’s lives directly, make a great living, and still have a well-rounded life. Ms. Dearn’s entrepreneurial dream was born.

In 2008, personal family matters called Ms. Dearn away from the practice of law for a few months. She spent those months in London with her in-laws. During that time, she made her first business attempt. She started a company called Good Sharks, Inc., aimed at improving how clients and attorneys connect on the internet. Ms. Dearn sought to streamline the attorney-client relationship and counteract the profession’s poor reputation by using technology to improve communication and interaction between lawyer and client.

But Ms. Dearn’s foray into the dot com world without any prior business experience was admittedly naive. She quickly learned that the competitive nature of the industry and a lack of operating capital were a deadly combination. To help bootstrap Good Sharks, Ms. Dearn started up her first law firm, Dearn Law Group, while continuing to work on her launch of the Good Sharks platform in beta development.

In late-2009, Ms. Dearn was doing better at Dearn Law Group than Good Sharks. She shelved Good Sharks indefinitely while she learned the complexities of building a rapidly growing law firm. By 2011, Dearn Law Group grew to be ten employees in a tiny office in downtown San Diego, complete with California start-up hallmarks such as inadequate desk space, a server that sounded like a jet engine, and several office pets.

But in 2011, Ms. Dearn suffered a set back in the form of a serious illness.

Not to be defeated, Ms. Dearn relocated from California to a friendlier business climate in Saint Louis, Missouri. Bellatrix PC was born in 2012.

Bellatrix PC reflects years of lessons at “the business school of hard knocks” and a mature understanding of how small and medium business operations intersect with the law.

Our clients appreciate that their lawyers not only practice law with skill, but they also understand the practical problems faced by people when dealing with the law and disputes. Our founder has directly experienced all the same problems the firm helps its clients overcome. And while Bellatrix PC and its team members always have something new to learn, Ms. Dearn’s past successes and failures as an entrepreneur have taught her the lessons necessary for ensuring Bellatrix PC’s and her clients’ future success.

Today, Bellatrix PC is an innovative law firm looking for ways to better serve clients across a spectrum of needs and budgets.

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