team huddle handsBellatrix PC is a service business.

That means we exist to serve. We serve our clients. We serve our communities.

Law firms don’t have to be evil. Our profession gets a bad rap. And some of it is deserved. But the purpose of lawyers is to help people. It is to help people meet their financial and business goals. It is to help people when they are in trouble. It is to safeguard life, liberty and property. Sometimes we serve best as wise counselors. Sometimes we serve best as fierce warriors. But even in the nastiest lawsuit, Bellatrix lawyers are agents for good.

Bellatrix PC stays mindful of our service ethic by supporting charities, volunteering in our communities, and doing pro bono legal work for the poor and for non-profits. Here are some of the causes we support.

Causes Team Bellatrix will be working on this year.

Every year, each staff member at Bellatrix picks a charity for the firm to support as a team. Our goal is for each office to do something charitable at least once every month. Here are some of our picks.

Microlending For Entrepreneurs

Bellatrix PC exists to help businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals thrive. Kiva is a perfect fit for our mission. So we started a lending team to help women entrepreneurs worldwide. Entrepreneurship and economic opportunity are the keys to greater wealth, freedom and peace in the world. Please lend just $25 through our team and help women create lasting wealth.

Soap to Developing Countries

We are proud to support our client, Soapbox Soaps. Soapbox Soaps gives a bar of soap to people in developing countries for every purchase made. Something as simple as soap saves lives, prevents diseases, improves healthcare, and improves the quality of life in countries across Africa, Asia, and South America, and in disaster areas. In response to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, Soapbox Soaps donated tens of thousands of bars of soap to those impacted by the storms.

Coffee for Wells and Schools

Lawyers drink a lot of coffee. So we turned this business expense into something we can feel good about. We get our coffee from a Saint Louis charity called Three Avocados, Inc. They autoship it straight to our offices. Every bag we buy results in water filters and wells being built in poor villages in Uganda or schools being built in Nicaragua. Next time you are in our office, try a cup!

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