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  • Bigger Law Firm

    Removing the filibuster moves the Senate closer to its original form. Alicia Dearn sees reason to be optimistic. "The Senate shying away from filibuster will actually make the process less political theater, which will be good for the country and its view of the judiciary."

  • Tech Insurance

    Alicia I. Dearn provides advice in this article on how and when to claim on business insurance.

  • ABA Journal

    Alicia Dearn is interviewed, along with other employment law experts, on how legalized marijuana use is changing employment law.

  • Breitbart

    The debate performance by the CNBC “moderators” was denounced as trash from all quarters as it was happening. Alicia Dearn, one of the ballot access lawyers for likely Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson (who filed a federal anti-trust suit against the Presidential Debate Commission earlier this month) took to social media to offer her own analysis.

  • Kentucky Lexington Herald-Leader

    None of us, including businesses, own social media accounts. The account is owned by the social media platform such as Facebook. What you own is the content you put on it, but you license it to the platform pretty broadly, said Alicia Dearn, a real estate and business attorney at Bellatrix PC.

  • Las Vegas Review-Journal

    “Why Women Earn Less and What You Can Do About It,” a lecture by Alicia Dearn, CEO and trial attorney with Bellatrix PC, is scheduled at 7:30 p.m. May 7 at the Barrick Museum Auditorium at UNLV, 4505 S. Maryland Parkway.

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