When you have your business strategically reviewed, it makes baby snow leopards happy.

When you have your business reviewed, it makes baby snow leopards frolic with joy.

Once you sign up for a Business Risk Review, what happens next? Good question! Here’s the process we follow.

  1. Legal Engagement. First, we will review the basic information you provided us in your sign up to ensure that we are legally allowed to accept you as a client. That means we have to make sure there are no conflicts of interest and you have a business that we can help. Once we are able to accept you as a client, we send you our client services agreement for your electronic signature. Once we receive that back, we get straight to work.
  2. First Interview With Attorneys. After you’re official, we will send you an email with a link to schedule a meeting with Bellatrix PC attorneys. It is our normal practice to meet in person; and we sometimes even go to our clients’ businesses to do this. But we can also meet by phone or video conference. The meeting’s purpose is for us to understand your business better, learn what areas you may be worried about, and understand what documents and processes we need to look at.
  3. We Gather Your Legal Information. After we spend some time with you, we will make a customized list of documents and information we need from you. Our paralegals will work with your staff to get information. We try to be thorough without annoying you and your accountant too much. But to get an idea of the things we may look at, see our blog post on documents that we review for business acquisition due diligence.
  4. Analysis. Next, our attorneys look at what you have, what you don’t and how business processes are working with respect to legal compliance and risk management issues. We put this analysis together into a set of recommendations.
  5. Second Attorney Meeting. The final part of this process is meeting with you (and any other key managers, officers or the Board of Directors, as you direct) to discuss what is working well, what can be improved, and fixes for serious risks. When we have completed our analysis and prepared our recommendations, you will get another email invitation to schedule this meeting at your earliest convenience.

Think of the Business Risk Review process as like a comprehensive physical exam for your business. It takes a little effort, but, as the cliche goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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