sleeping baby in knit hatAs a successful business owner, the wheels are always turning. You know what I mean. You’re sitting at dinner with a friend or a family member and you’re thinking about “the next big thing” for your business. It’s unavoidable.  You’re an entrepreneur.  That’s how your mind works.

But something else is unavoidable: the concern that keeps you up at night. It doesn’t happen often.  Well, maybe it doesn’t happen as often as it used to… But at least a couple of times each month, you wake up worrying about that little nagging thing.

  • Maybe it’s a conversation you had with a customer that could wind up costing you a deal.
  • Maybe it’s the financing you need to fulfill the next batch of orders.
  • Or maybe it’s something far worse. Maybe it’s the risk of the next lawsuit coming down the road.

I know. I know. Nobody wants to think about lawsuits. It’s nasty, but it’s necessary.

Right now, in your office, in your paperwork and in your store or warehouse there is a ticking time bomb.  It’s the next issue that will keep you awake. It could come from a vendor, a client or an employee. Or it could come from someplace you haven’t thought of…the government. I have seen it time and again. And I worry about these things myself as a business owner.

Fortunately, this type of risk doesn’t have to keep you awake at night because there are things we can do to help you reduce, and in many cases, eliminate, the risk of serious damage in a lawsuit.

That is why, for 2015, my team and I have created a Business Risk Review that we can conduct to help uncover these risks. We’re good at finding legal vulnerability – after all, that’s how we make our living.

We can take a microscope, climb into the bowels of your business and, with the precision of a surgeon, cut out the festering polyps that could, eventually become malignant. It’s a stinky job, but you need to have this type of exam.

The best part – it’s almost free.

Are you wondering how we can do this? Or why?

All these questions are answered on our Business Risk Review webpage. Or you can give me a call to schedule a consultation and I will tell you all about it.

Our Business Risk Review is like a warm cup of milk.  Once it’s finished, you’ll be able to sleep like a baby.

Give the Bellatrix PC business law attorneys a call today to discuss it: 800-449-8992.

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