Get An Experienced Lawyer.Lawyers are expensive because we all wear $1000 suits and want you to pay for it.

Just kidding. That’s definitely not true. I get most of my suits from Macy’s.

In fact, you may be surprised to learn that most small firm lawyers barely make a living after the expenses and regulations related to the practice of law. It is a myth that most lawyers are rich. There are rich lawyers, of course. But it is easier to be rich as a businessman than as a lawyer. (Hint: Business people are the lawyers’ boss because they are the lawyer’s customer.)

There are a lot of reasons why law and lawyers are expensive. But I try to sum it up in this 60 second video:

Video Transcript:

Why are lawyers so expensive?

Why are lawyers so expensive? Two reasons: First, really good lawyers are hard to get because they’re in demand. Cheap lawyers do exist, but do you really want a discounted professional to deal with some of your most important problems in life? An expert lawyer spends a lot of time thinking and crafting the best solutions for you. They have experience, contacts and are uniquely talented at law, which is not an exact science or just a matter of filling out papers. The second reason is, no matter who you hire, legal work is complex, detailed and precise, and generally requires a lot of effort to complete. It is necessary for lawyers to do a competent job and not just give you “close enough” because little mistakes can have big consequences. Got more questions? Visit us at for more answers or to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.

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