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Depending on the size of the corporation and the number of lawyers employed, a corporate lawyer may be referred to as in-house counsel, a staff attorney, general counsel (GC), or a legal officer. The primary purpose of a corporate lawyer is to protect the interests of the corporation in an efficient and forward-thinking manner that does not foreclose potential legal or business options. However, most businesses cannot justify the salaries necessary for a full-time legal department. Unfortunately for these businesses, this can mean that when a pressing legal situation does arise the business must choose between foregoing legal advice and gambling with the company or seek and screen attorneys to handle each and every legal concern.

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At Bellatrix PC, we understand the modern corporate drive for innovative solutions that permit increased flexibility and agility for a business. We have designed our practice to be responsive to these needs. Our firm can serve as your outsourced general corporate attorneys. Our attorneys are experienced in handling an array of corporate legal concerns including corporate governance, internal investigations, breach of contract, shareholder and partnership litigation, employment law matters, corporate malfeasance defense and more.


Corporate attorneys protect your business from executive liability & corporate malfeasance claims

Following the series of dramatic corporate collapses that characterized the early-2000s, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) was passed to establish standards for public corporations, corporate governing boards, and public accounting firms. Corporate or executive malfeasance has been defined as an illegal act or a series of illegal acts that are committed by employees using the resources of the company to achieve goals that are illegal or unlawful. Allegations of executive malfeasance can arise due to an employee’s actions or failure to act. For instance, providing false information regarding the company’s financials, or prospectus, or abusing employee compensation plan benefits to embezzle funds from the corporation. By contrast, malfeasance allegations due to inaction can arise due to a failure to satisfy one’s fiduciary or other duties such as a failure to monitor the corporation’s asset to debt ratio or other essential financial metrics. While firms that develop and implement acceptable SOX ethics compliance programs are likely to receive favorable treatment should wrongdoing be discovered later, an improperly designed program can have unintended consequences. We can guide your corporation through difficult corporate governance disputes and corporate ethics terminations.


Experienced attorneys handle a broad array of corporate legal concerns

If your corporation works with the experienced attorneys of Bellatrix PC, we can handle a broad array of legal concerns. Some of the corporate legal concerns our firm can handle include:

  • Internal investigations – If wrong-doing has been uncovered, the attorneys of Bellatrix PC can conduct an internal review. An internal review can identify executive malfeasance and protect your business from further damage.
  • Corporate transactions – Our attorneys can review your business’ corporate organization and develop a plan for reorganization, prepare for a merger or acquisition. In other circumstances we can review a domestic or international transaction to is favorable in regards to your legal and business interests.
  • Contract drafting and review – Careful contractual review including a meticulous consideration of foreseeable disputes and ensuring that that potential sources of confusion are resolved can reduce the likelihood of costly litigation. We draft contracts that meet the needs of our clients
  • Commercial litigation – While businesses typically make all reasonable efforts to resolve disputes, sometimes the value of your interests exceed the potential litigation costs. We can litigate corporate matters whether they arise due to the violation of a contract, NDA, non-compete, or other commercial litigation. We work to protect your legal interests aggressively and strategically.
  • Employment law defense – When an employment relationship ends on bad terms, the employee may perceive certain actions in a light different from what was intended. Sometimes the employee may come to believe that he or she was wrongfully terminated due to discrimination or other improper reasons. Our employment law attorneys can reduce the likelihood of these situations by engaging in employment planning with your corporation that can include drafting an employee handbook or revising an already existing guide.. If a lawsuit has already been filed we can investigate and defend your corporation from these damaging allegations.
  • Regulatory compliance review – Laws are not static. Even if your company has previously engaged in a regulatory review, it should still periodically engage in due diligence regarding compliance with environmental laws, employment laws, OSHA regulations, licensing requirements, local zoning and land use ordinances, FMLA, Americans with Disabilities Act, SOX, liquor licensing laws, and many other sources of regulatory guidance.

The attorneys at Bellatrix PC are experienced in a broad array of corporate law and commercial litigation. Our lawyers are committed to guiding our clients through an increasingly litigious business environment while fighting aggressively and strategically for their interests. To discuss whether the legal guidance and advocacy of Bellatrix PC would be a good match for your corporation, contact us for a free and confidential interview.

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