An insurance policy may come into existence as a contract, but insurance coverage issues fall under their own body of law. In many instances, lawyers that practice general business law assume that they can handle the problems and questions presented by insurance coverage issues, but what they may not realize is that insurance issues are far from intuitive in nature. Whether the issue is a disputed claim, a coverage issue, or a “duty to defend”, coverage issues are typically grounded in state law.

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If you are wondering if your insurer should be held liable for a specific claim or if you hold certain rights or benefits under your policy, the experienced insurance coverage attorneys of Bellatrix PC can assist you or your business. To schedule a confidential consultation, call us at 800-449-8992 or contact us online.

How Can An Insurance Coverage Attorney Help?

Our insurance coverage practice handles insurance issues ranging from relatively straightforward matters to extremely complex and multifaceted disputes. We handle first-party claims where the insured, himself or herself, files a lawsuit against the insurer for refusing to assume liability for a covered event. Our practice also handles third-party claims that typically arise due to a failure to defend or a failure to pay a claim submitted on the behalf of a covered policyholder. Our insurance coverage practice can also handle an array of other insurance related claims including:

  • The interpretation and assessment of existing or proposed insurance policies
  • Provide guidance in selecting a policy and level of coverage that is appropriate for anticipated risks.
  • Provide clear advice regarding the potential consequences of an insurance decision.
  • Understand the business, industry and the common risks faced by similarly situated businesses.
  • Anticipate actions by the insurer.

In short, attorneys who regularly handle insurance coverage issues for policyholders are aware of all the laws and regulations governing insurance carriers, policies, and what the policyholder is entitled to.

Who can Use an Insurance Liability Lawyer?

A lawyer who handles insurance coverage provides value to a broad array of individuals and businesses. Any policyholder who contacts a lawyer will receive a contract review and guidance on coverage issues, indemnity issues, and failure to defend issues, among other things. Others who would be well-served by establishing a relationship with an experienced insurance coverage attorney include:

  • Corporate lawyers – Lawyers working in a corporate firm are often the first place a potential client will go. Corporate lawyers who simply refer matters out to a general practitioner without first checking for insurance policy coverage may be doing their clients a disservice. Remember, failure to raise a timely coverage claim can be a grounds to oppose coverage. At Bellatrix PC, one of the first steps we take in any litigation is to analyze and seek insurance coverage.
  • Homeowners and renters – If you own a home, you almost assuredly have a home owner’s insurance policy. Likewise, many renters insure their goods and possessions. There is nothing worse than finding out after the fact that your coverage was insufficient or did not cover the things you thought it did.
  • Business owners and employers – Owners of a company know that their business faces certain common risks and certain risks that are unique to the industry. We can review insurance policies already in effect or suggest other types of policies to consider for your business.

Because insurance liability issues are determined by a particularized body of law, any individual or business whose interests are affected by a policy can find value in meeting with an insurance coverage attorney. While people most commonly seek an attorney after the fact, it is prudent to review your policy, the duties it creates, and its levels of coverage with an experienced professional before disaster strikes

Rely on our Experience handling Insurance Coverage Issues for Policyholders

The insurance coverages attorneys of Bellatrix PC are dedicated to assisting individuals and businesses with coverage issues. We can provide on-point advice to guide your purchase of an appropriate policy. Moreover, if your insurer has declined to defend or declined to provide coverage following a covered event, our attorneys can negotiate with the insurance company and advocate on your behalf. To schedule a confidential insurance coverage consultation, contact Bellatrix PC by calling (800) 449-8992 or contact us online.

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