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No matter the company’s location, a liquor license is an incredibly valuable asset to possess.  These licenses are often very difficult to obtain, and the Twenty-first Amendment to the US Constitution has done nothing to abate demand.

This high demand for a license doesn’t bode well for the owner who plays fast and loose with the regulations.  State liquor authorities are seldom forgiving.  The business owner who won’t play by the rules is easily replaced by someone who is dying to demonstrate his ability to comply.  Violating a regulation, even in an innocent way, can place a business owner on the fast track to an appearance before the liquor licensing authority — or even worse, total revocation.

Restaurants, nightclubs and other businesses that rely on the ability to serve liquor need to ensure staff is well trained, and mindful of the gravity of the situation.  Business owners need to be educated about compliance, and often need guidance instituting policies which ensure compliance is strictly adhered to.  If your entity needs assistance with a legal matter pertaining to licensing, call the experienced business lawyers of Bellatrix PC at (800) 449-8992 today.

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Put Our Business Attorneys to Work For You

Regardless of the type of company you operate — winery, distiller, host, caterer, liquor store, distributor, restaurant or tavern — you will benefit from a business risk review of your employment practices and policies.

If you are contemplating opening a business or want to apply for a liquor license, or if you are currently operating a company which has been accused of a license violation, Bellatrix PC can help.

We handle a variety of liquor licensing related matters, including:

  • Completing and filing the paperwork for a license, including later hours of operation, single sales, live and amplified entertainment, dancing, video games, and pool tables.
  • Buying or selling your license.
  • Appealing license denials.
  • Appearing at hearings or proceedings related to violation claims.
  • Updating any pertinent information that may affect your license, such as changes in your Articles of Incorporation, stock updates, LLC operating agreement changes, or any Secretary of State alterations.

Our knowledge legal team is also available to educate your company management on ways to avoid revocation, so that you can keep your daily operations as smooth and efficient as possible going into the future.

Operations after Obtaining a Liquor License

You already have a license — but do you know which regulations govern your ability to serve liquor offsite? Does your license allow you to serve liquor at a catered event?

This is a very complex area of law, and even after license acquisition there are many areas in which employers will need legal guidance.  For example, one area business owners tend to overlook is updating the Articles of Incorporation or other operating agreement to reflect the acquisition of the license and the subsequent operational changes that will necessarily follow.

A revocation may occur for any number of reasons, including but not limited to the following common scenarios:

  • Serving alcohol to minors or police decoys.
  • Serving alcohol outside of the authorized hours of operation.
  • Possession of alcohol outside of business premises.

It is important for employers to remember that obtaining the license is only half the battle: maintaining strict compliance with all relevant state and federal laws is critical to long-term legal and financial success.

Contact Our Lawyers for a Legal Consultation

If your entity has been accused of committing a violation, our dedicated and experienced liquor license attorneys will work with you to investigate the incident and formulate a strong defense strategy.  We will make every effort to settle the matter outside the courtroom, but should litigation become necessary, we are prepared to aggressively fight to protect your best interests.

To schedule a private legal consultation, call the law offices of Bellatrix PC at (800) 449-8992.  Our offices are located in St. Louis, San Diego, and Riverside, CA.

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