Regardless of the industry they serve or the legal structure they operate under, all businesses should be extremely careful and meticulous when drafting contracts with employees and independent contractors.  Utilizing legally sound and clearly-worded contracts and agreements can help prevent your business from encountering problems down the road. To the contrary, poorly crafted or ambiguous documents and policies can lead to costly and time-consuming lawsuits at the expense of your company.

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Bellatrix PC assists employers with drafting, negotiating, and reviewing independent contractor agreements and employment contracts.  Our attorneys assist business entities ranging from small independent start-ups to well-established corporations with multiple shareholders.

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Drafting, Reviewing, and Negotiating Business Contracts

Employee contracts and contractor agreements are meant to act as blueprints for business relationships and transactions, which means that an error, inaccuracy, omission, or ambiguity can have serious negative ramifications for your daily operations.  Many common contractual issues involve confusion over specific job duties, bonus calculations, pay dates, and milestone expectations.  Even after an employee has parted ways with an employer, disputes and legal claims can still continue to arise based on contractual obligations such as non-compete provisions, nondisclosure agreements, protection of trade secrets, and dispute resolution procedures.

In addition to helping employers create efficient, protective, and enforceable contracts, our attorneys can also negotiate with employees or contractors on your entity’s behalf.  Depending on what is most appropriate for you, Bellatrix PC can negotiate with the other party directly, or can provide advice and counsel behind-the-scenes so that you can feel confident about handling your own negotiations personally.

The experienced attorneys of Bellatrix PC know that a “one-size-fits-all” approach to drafting contracts and contractor agreements simply does not work.  Because contract disputes are as varied as the people and companies whom they affect, boilerplate contracts and generic, template agreements frequently result in unenforceable and/or unintended results.  Instead, we tailor our approach to serve your company’s practical needs.  Our attorneys will sit down with you to discuss your company’s objectives and challenges in detail.

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The one constant in the business world is that laws and business needs are constantly changing. Therefore, you should make sure your employee and independent contractor agreements are updated when your business operations or relationships change.  What seems like “not a big deal” now in a contract while an employee or contractor is in good standing may become the basis for a lawsuit if that person is terminated later on.

Bellatrix PC can work with your business to review and revise your existing contracts to help ensure that they are legally compliant and conform to the changes that your company is undergoing. Whether you need assistance with preparing a new contract, revisiting an existing contract, resolving a dispute, or negotiating with another party, Bellatrix PC is here to help.

To arrange a confidential legal consultation, call our law offices at (800) 449-8992.  If you don’t reach us immediately, we will contact you within a day of your request to schedule a private case evaluation.

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