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Many federal and state employment laws require employers to post certain notices within the work areas advising employees of their respective rights. Other notices are required to be delivered to the employee upon both their hire and/or termination. For example, in California, all employers must meet workplace notices and posting obligations. Both federal and state law mandate the provision of notices and postings in the workplace.

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Notices are usually provided upon the hiring of each new employee. Notices can range from pamphlets explaining certain employee rights to notices informing the newly hired employee of specifics to their job. There are also notices that may be required upon an employee’s termination or lay off. Other notices are required to be posted in a break room or other room equally accessible to all employees so that employees may easily have access to the information described in the notices.

Examples of notices and postings range from explanations of employee work based rights, minimum wage requirements, unemployment benefits, health and safety notices as well explanations of family leave.

Each of these notices and postings have requirements as to when and where they can be posted or provided. For example, for postings, typically it is required that any and all postings be posted in the employee break room so that the employees can have easy and daily access to the information provided.

In addition, many of the statutes require a recordkeeping component. Recordkeeping requirements can range from how long you are required to maintain documents that memorialize when an employee receives a certain notice to how and when they use the benefit described within the notice.

Finally, most, if not all of the notice or posting statutes contain a penalty provision. Penalties for failure to post or provide a notice to an employee can range from minor monetary fines per violation or large fines, even misdemeanors. Certain notice and posting requirements carry larger fines, even possible jail time.

It is important that all business owners consult with a knowledgeable employment law attorney to ensure that they are following all notice and posting requirements, both on the federal and state level. Failure to do so could result in large fines and even jail time.

Whether you have already provided notices or postings you believe are required, or are simply looking to reduce your company’s potential employment liability, the business attorneys of Bellatrix PC may be able to assist. To arrange for a private legal consultation, call our law offices at (800) 449-8992 today.

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