Wage and Hour Laws

If you have former employees who allege that you did not pay them properly, and they have filed a claim under state or federal wage and hour laws, you want an experienced San Diego wage and hour lawyer to help your business through the process and to protect your rights. Whether the claim is before an administrative agency or filed in Superior Court, our attorneys can help.


Bellatrix PC has experience working with all manner of employment and labor disputes, including wage and hour controversies. Most of the cases we handle stem from complaints filed by former employees seeking compensation for time for which they worked, but for which they believe they have not been compensated, including overtime or vacation pay. We can also handle claims made by current employees, as well as drafting handbook policies and procedures to ensure you are properly paying wages to your employees.

When you hire Bellatrix PC to handle a wage and hour claim, we will gather all the evidence necessary to prepare and present the best case in your defense. We will review all records pertaining to the claimant, including time cards and all personnel file documents and will question all relevant witnesses.

We will respond to any documents filed with the Labor Commission or Superior Court, and will appear on your behalf at all conferences, meetings or hearings involved in the process. Once a hearing date has been set, we will prepare your case as if you were going to trial, identifying the different strategies for helping you accomplish your objectives and helping you choose the best course of action to meet your goals.

The Labor Commission proceeding is conducted just like trial in the civil courts. You should treat them both very seriously and seek experienced attorneys to be by your side and protect your interests. Call Bellatrix PC today to prepare and prevent any potential wage and hour disputes with former employees.

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