FACT: Lawsuits are unavoidable in business. No matter how hard we try to stay in front of problems and have ironclad contracts, Bellatrix PC’s clients sometimes have to sue to vindicate their rights with customers, vendors, business partners, employees, competitors and third parties who violate their contract and property rights or commit frauds or torts against them. Business is not always neat and relationships with others sometimes end badly.

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And, even for the most litigation-shy business, lawsuits are unavoidable because no matter how careful you are, your business will eventually get sued or seriously threatened with a lawsuit. Businesses must budget for legal expenses. Legal services are a necessary part of protecting and growing your business.

Consider the following:

On an average year, approximately 16 million civil lawsuits are filed in the United States. That is one lawsuit every two seconds; or one lawsuit for every 16 adults in the country per year.

About one thirteenth of all civil lawsuits in the United States, or about 1.2 million civil lawsuits, are filed in California every year. That’s 4,615 lawsuits filed every single business day, if averaged. That’s one lawsuit for every 32 people (man, woman and child) in the state.

About 215,000 civil lawsuits are filed in Missouri each year. That’s one lawsuit for every 28 people (man, woman and child) in the state.

39% of California companies had a class action brought against them in 2009.

32% of California businesses have had more than 20 lawsuits commenced against them in any given year.

As defendants, you have no choice but to engage in the litigation process in at least some manner or another. The goal of Bellatrix PC as legal counselors to our clients is to avoid most lawsuits, and to be well-positioned when they become necessary.

Thus, there are times that individuals, businesses, campaigns, associations and corporations require an aggressive legal team to uncover the truth, deliver the facts and manage the courtroom process in favor of the client both emotionally and economically. Bellatrix PC lawyers are known for aggressive and cunning courtroom strategy and their motion, trial or arbitration, settlement negotiation and appeal skills. From managing risk in trial to settlement negotiations, we are committed to leveraging all client considerations in the process to win or come to favorable settlements.

Attorneys at Bellatrix PC are also experienced in appeals, writs and amicus briefs. They are admitted to practice in all state and Federal courts in California and Missouri, in several Federal Circuit Courts of Appeal and even the United States Supreme Court.

Bellatrix PC offers individually quoted fee packages for business litigation matters at all stages, including flat-fees, milestone fees and traditional hourly fees with retainers. The expense of a lawsuit depends on the stage and complexity of the matter. Frequently, litigation matters take a year or more to resolve.

Civil Litigation Areas of Practice

Bellatrix PC’s attorneys have successfully handled matters and litigation for our clients in the following areas:

Employment and Labor Law:

Wrongful Discharge & Termination of Employment
Overtime Pay and Wage Disputes
Independent Contractor Disputes
Meal and Rest Period Claims
Vacation and Fringe Benefits Wage Claims
Employee Reimbursement Claims
Department of Labor and DLSE Claims Defense
Wage and Hour Class Action Defense
Uninsured Worker’s Compensation Defense
Labor Union Disputes
Unfair Competition Law
Trade Secrets, Confidentiality and Covenants Not to Compete
California Employment Discrimination Law
Sexual Harassment
Race Discrimination in Employment
Sex Discrimination in Employment
Age Discrimination in Employment (ADEA)
Religious & Ethnic Heritage Discrimination
Sexual Orientation Discrimination in Employment
Pregnancy Discrimination in Employment
California Fair Employment and Housing Act Violations
Title VII in Employment Cases and EEOC Defense
Missouri Human Rights Act Cases
Breach of Employment Agreements
Arbitration of Employment Disputes
Family Medical Leave Act Issues
California Family Rights Act Issues
Americans With Disabilities Act
WARN Act and Reductions in Force / Layoffs Litigation
Whistleblower Cases
OSHA and Sarbanes-Oxley Claims by Employees
Prevailing Wage Litigation

Business Litigation:

Business Dissolution Lawsuits
Creditor’s Rights and Debt Collections
Satisfaction of Judgment
Breach of Contract
Vendor and Customer Disputes
Buy-Sell Agreement Lawsuits
Bylaws, Operating Agreements and Partnership Agreements Lawsuits
Partnership Disputes
Shareholder Derivative Suits
Board of Director Issues
Fiduciary Duty Litigation
Interference with Contract or Prospective Economic Advantage
Unfair Business Practices Cases
Unfair Competition Class Defense
Advertising and Unruh Act Cases
Guaranties and Third Party Beneficiary Contracts
Joint Venture Disputes
Investor Disputes
Licensing Disputes
Cyber Law, Terms of Use and Privacy Agreements, CAN-SPAM, and content regulations
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Indemnity Agreements and Releases
Non-profit Organizations and Membership Associations
Closely Held Companies and S-Corporations
Shareholder Distribution and Accounting Lawsuits
Government Regulation and Administrative Law
UCC filings, Repossessions and Foreclosures
Mechanics’ Liens
Consumer Law

Property Law:

Sales and Purchase Disputes
Commercial Leasing Disputes
Zoning, Covenants and Land Use
Quiet Title
Foreclosures and UCC Liens
Boundary and Easement Disputes
Environmental Challenges, Indian Ancestral Land Challenges and CEQA
American with Disabilities Act Litigation
Breach of Fiduciary Duties of Agents and Escrow
Contractor Disputes

Other Civil Lawsuits:

Administrative Regulations Challenges
Government Civil Prosecution Defense
Reclamation of Government Seized Property and Evidence
Trespass and Conversion
Products Liability
Professional Negligence and Malpractice
Constitutional Law
Ballot Access and Election Challenges

Bellatrix PC also has special relationships with lawyers who can handle the following areas for our clients, under our supervision as counsel:

Trademarks, Patents and Intellectual Property Law
Securities Law
International Transactions and Trade
Bad Faith Insurance Disputes
Banking Law
Construction Defect

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