Commercial real estate transactions can be particularly complex and high-stakes transactions where millions of dollars may be at stake. Whether you are buying, selling or conveying property your transaction should be thoroughly reviewed prior to its execution. Taking the time now to perform a meticulous legal review by an experience Bellatrix PC attorney can reduce the likelihood of a dispute or costly litigation further down the line. As Your Peace of Mind Advocates we can guide your business through both relatively straight-forward and complex real estate transactions while protecting your company by performing due diligence and a thorough review.

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Attorneys handle commercial real estate transactions

Our commercial real estate practice is designed to meet the needs of business and companies dealing in commercial real estate regardless if they are a buyer, seller or landlord. Some of the services we can provide regarding commercial real estate transactions include:

  • Drafting commercial real estate contracts – Our attorneys can draft real estate contracts for purchasers and sellers. Our contracts address and contemplate the unique needs and considerations present in every transaction.
  • Thorough review of real estate contracts — We will review your contract thoroughly and meticulously. Our goal is to protect you from contractual provisions that you neither bargained for nor expected. We can explain the terms and language utilized so that you can fully understand the benefits and obligations of the contract.
  • Commercial real estate due diligence – Prior to executing your real estate transaction we can perform a title search to check for the existence of liens, easements and encumbrances that can affect your title.
  • Attend real estate closings – We can represent you at a real estate closing or settlement to address any last moment concerns.
  • Real estate litigation – unfortunately despite the best efforts of all involved sometimes transactions do not pan out and end up in disagreement and conflict. We can advocate for your business’ position professionally and aggressively.

The foregoing is merely a brief synopsis of the services our legal team can perform regarding your potential commercial real estate transaction. Our attorneys can provide a clear and thorough view of the transaction and its effects.

Regulatory compliance, zoning, and other concerns can be handled by Bellatrix PC

When you secure a piece of land it is often for a particular purpose whether that purpose is to run a business, make an investment, or another goal. If you are a buyer, it is essential that real estate that you will be able to use the real estate for your intended purpose. Failure to perform diligence regarding land use regulations can result in obtaining property that cannot be used or the necessity of further legal action; in any case, neither situation would be ideal. Similarly as a seller, you may offer a warranty or assurance regarding the property you are transferring. You should ensure that what you have promised is what the buyer will receive or you are likely to find yourself litigating the matter in the future.

Reassurance and peace of mind in your commercial real estate dealings

As Your Peace of Mind Advocates the attorneys of Bellatrix PC are dedicated to guiding you or your company through commercial real estate transactions. We offer an array of legal services packages to meet the varying needs of businesses. To schedule your free & confidential legal consultation, call (800) 449-8992 or contact our firm online.

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