Introducing Bellatrix PC’s unique Employer Protection Package. For a monthly fee, we will handle all of your employment law needs. We work with your management and HR staff or can even become your HR department if you do not have one. We answer all your questions, so you can call us whenever you need. We’ll write all your policies and update them as the laws change. We’ll train your management and HR staff on legal requirements and best practices. We’ll do a full risk and compliance assessment and fix any problems before they become liabilities. We’ll write all your employment and severance agreements. And best of all, whenever you have an employment issue come up, you can call us and we will handle it. No more hourly fees or waiting to get sued. You will have full-service management of your employment needs without the headache.

We offer the Employer Protection Package for all sized employers — from micro businesses to enterprises — at a cost that is competitive with the costs of HR personnel and consultant salaries and you get the benefits of legal counsel to boot.

Why We Created the Employer Protection Package

At Bellatrix PC, our business and employment attorneys noticed that, all too often, our business clients did not call us until it’s too late and they were in a contentious, lawsuit mess. And, worse, these messes would frequently start over one little mistake (a lack of a sentence in an employee handbook … not being vigilant with an employee who takes 7-minute breaks instead of 10-minute breaks … not providing the right accommodations to an employee going on leave … taking back an overpayment out of an employee’s paycheck … just to name a few) that has landed them in serious trouble.

Any one of these unintentional mistakes can cost a business of any size $150,000 or more just in legal fees to defend the lawsuit. Even pre-lawsuit settlement usually incurs $10,000 or more in defense fees (that is the national average for legal fees, not just Bellatrix PC’s average fees). Once a lawsuit is filed, the national average of attorneys’ fees range between $100,000 and $250,000, depending on whether the case goes to trial (again, those numbers come from a study by Hofstra University on nationwide employment lawsuit defense costs, not from Bellatrix PC). Bear in mind that the expenses are often higher in states like California, where plaintiffs win 55% of all cases that go to trial.

Bellatrix PC’s employment lawyers can make a comfortable living fixing these mistakes and defending employment litigation. But despite its lucrative potential, we actually hate it when our clients get sued. We don’t want to charge you tens of thousands of dollars to fix one momentary, innocent little mistake. It doesn’t feel like justice. We can do so much better for you in the form of risk mitigation and avoidance.

For a while, the lawyers at Bellatrix PC spent a lot of time practically begging our clients to call in advance for advice and to run documents, contracts, handbooks, policies and situations by us, before it’s too late. We then observed, over a period of several years, that clients who take this to heart most, get sued less often and spend a lot less money on employees and defense matters than the clients who don’t.

We then wondered: why is it that so many of our clients, and business owners in general, hesitate to call us and wait longer than they should? Is it because they do not want to pay our hourly rate for handbooks and phone calls? Is it because they do not appreciate how much money this can save the business in the long term in litigation avoidance? Is it because they simply do not think about it in the day-to-day running of your business?

We suspect it is a combination of these reasons. So we invented the Employer Protection Package. For one price, we are your employment lawyers. We answer all your questions, so you can call us whenever you need. We’ll write all your policies and update them as the laws change. We’ll train your management and HR staff on legal requirements and best practices. We’ll audit your pay practices. We’ll write all your employment and severance agreements. But best of all, whenever you have an employment issue come up, you can call us and we will handle it for no additional cost. And if you call us and take our advice, but get sued anyway, we will defend the suit for a significantly reduced fee.

Why Are No Other Law Firms Doing This?

The answer to this is quite simple in the case of many firms: they like the defense fees. But the main reason is that lawyers do not typically think like innovative business people. They all act like the other lawyers in town. The traditional role of the lawyer is to wait until the client calls with a legal crisis and fix it. It simply does not occur to many of them to create a product to prevent the client from being sued in the first place. That kind of forward thinking is what makes Bellatrix PC unique.


At least 16 million lawsuits are filed in the United States every year. That’s 1 lawsuit for every 20 people in the country.
At least 1.2 million lawsuits are filed in California every year. That’s 1 lawsuit for every 32 people in the state.
At least 215,000 lawsuits are filed in Missouri every year. That’s 1 lawsuit for every 28 people in the state.
39% of California companies had a class action brought against them in 2009.
32% of California businesses have had more than 20 lawsuits commenced against them in the past year.
22% of California companies reported an increase in multi-plaintiff wage-and-hour disputes in 2010.
20% of all new California lawsuits are wrongful termination and employee lawsuits.
EPLI (employer liability insurance) premiums went up by nearly 12% in 2011 and have high premiums and deductibles, so they are unaffordable for most businesses.

So why are the lawyers at Bellatrix PC willing to take the smaller fees to prevent these lawsuits rather than wait for the big defense payday? First of all, it is because of our mission. Law is a helping profession. It is a service profession. We provide better service to our clients by keeping them out of trouble and costing them less in legal fees over the long run.

And Bellatrix PC can do this economically. Why? Because we have focused on the economy of the up front work, creating risk mitigation and avoidance, systemized our advice and systemized the implementation of good employment practices and policies. It is a fact that getting sued by employees isn’t entirely random. Some businesses are more vulnerable than others – they are ignorant of the laws, have risky practices, are in industries that clash with employment laws, or they rely too heavily on outsourced or mediocre HR.

The fact that it is not random means that you can have some control and protect your business, which is where we come in. Bellatrix PC and its lawyers obviously cannot guarantee that our clients will never get sued, no matter what we do. But we are willing to bet that clients who take full advantage of our Employer Protection Package won’t get sued as often as everyone else. And as we prove this, we will get more clients switching to our services and that will more than make up for the lost litigation defense fees.

As part of the Employer Protection Package, the first thing we will do is a Risk Assessment in which we take a hard look at all your employment liabilities. We fix all the problems and give you updated handbooks. We get you in complete compliance with the hundreds of laws that impact employers of all sizes. Once everything is set up, we maintain compliance and manage problems for you before they turn into lawsuits or audits.

Our comprehensive service includes:


Employment Policies
– Handbooks
– Social Media Policies
– Timekeeping Policies
– Arbitration Agreements
– Special Policies as Needed
– Reviewed For New Laws At Least Twice Per Year
– Automatically Updated as Laws Change
– Annual Update as Requested by Management
– Drug Free Workplace

Management Training
– Interviewing, Hiring and Firing
– Handling Conflicts
– Common Legal Mistakes by Supervisors
– How to Avoid Discrimination Charges
– Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training
– How to Avoid Wage Claims
– How to Avoid Tax and Immigration Audits
– Unemployment and Worker’s Compensation
– Recordkeeping and Posters
– What You Need to Know About OSHA and ADA
– How to Motivate and Reduce Turnover
– Webinars, In-House Training and Live Events

Comprehensive Risk Assessment
– Payroll Practices
– Recordkeeping / Personnel File Audit
– Review of Job Descriptions and Classifications
– Review of Independent Contractor Classifications

Legal Posters at All Facilities, Automatically Updated

Discounts on Complimentary Services
– Building ADA Review and Remediation Plan
– OSHA Safety Kits
– State Training and Recruiting Grants
– Payroll Services
– Recruiting Services
– Contingent Workforce Services
– Benefits
– Immigration Lawyers
– Financial Services

Legal Advice

Unlimited Telephone Advice
Unlimited Email Advice
Payroll and Timekeeping System Upgrade Consultation
Drafting or Review of Employment Legal Documents
– Applications for Employment
– Employment Agreements
– Stock Plans
– Severance Agreements
– Independent Contractor Agreements
– Bonus Plans
Layoffs and Reductions in Force
Background Checks Advice
Recruiting Best Practices
Benefits Planning and Implementation
ACA Compliance

Administrative Management of Liabilities

Disability / Interactive Process
– Discrimination Allegations
– Sexual Harassment Allegations
– Workplace Violence
– Employee Malfeasance

– Applications and Hiring Documents
– Policy Signatures
– W4, I9 and e-Verify
– Reminders to do Annual Reviews
– Separate files for Investigations and Medical
– Personnel File Requests
– Onboarding

Limited Matters Legal Defense

Restraining Orders for Workplace Violence
Unemployment Claim Defense
Labor Department Wage Claim Defense
Workman’s Compensation Claim Coordination with Insurance
Pre-Litigation Response
Immigration Audits
Employment Tax Audits
Labor Department Audits

Bellatrix Extras

Unlimited Access to Firm’s Self-Help Legal Documents Library
25% off General Counsel Package
10% off Litigation Services

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